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Pawn by Aimee Carter

[(Pawn)] [Author: Aimee Carter] published on (November, 2013) - Aimee Carter

I really liked the first half of the book, unfortunately the second half took a turn in the wrong direction for me. So I started to skip over the next chapters and by the time I reached the ending I was seriously not a fan of this book any longer.

One of the things I so appreciated at the start was the description of the totalitarian / dictatorial political system with exams that define your future life once and for all, prosecution of political suspects, forced abortion after the first child and the hunt as favorite leisure activity for the idle rich, or the fact that a lot of the politicians are only string puppets, pieces in a chess game to be manipulated and, coersed or discarded as the player sees fit. What was missing was how this came to be. There was no reasonable explanation given how a very democratic country with billions of people like the USA would tolerate a dictatorship for the last 71 years with the leadership passed down the family line. What the story also lacks is a believable account of international political and social developments. As an European I often experienced that Americans seldom or only marginaly think about other countries in the world. But if the USA had someone like Hitler or Stalin or Saddam Hussein rising to leadership, don't you think the world would take notice?

So apart from a dystopian world that was convicing after a fashion, the plot was rather nicely done with a lot of action. But then the characters. I am not so sure about this point. I was disappointed that the love interest was already in place and apart from a few 17-year olds swearing "I can't live without you, I love you so much" and a bit of kissing, nothing really happens in this department. I was rather disappointed in the romance would be an understatement. I was not convinced on the whole "Love you foerver" thing.