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Alienated - Melissa Landers I feel very ambivalent about this book. I liked some aspects (characterization, interesting world building, and fast narration) a lot and others I found simply boring or cliché: The mind speaking, the legends that L’eihrs are responsible for human mutation / evolution 10000 years ago, the high school drama. Nonetheless, I was surprised to see how fast I reached the end of the book. The story is interesting enough, but the paranormal romance was nothing different from any other young adult romance.

I would have wished that the aliens were less human, less Vulcan (Mr. Spock) and more I don’t know Klingon (Worf/warrior)-like. Aelick’s change of heart & behavior was a bit hasty. I found the Cara’s blogging somehow unnecessary and not well integrated into the overall storyline. Why create the illusion of something global / international when all the action is reduced to a small town high school somewhere in the middle if nowwhere. I wished there would have been more shown interaction with the other two exchange alien ambassadors and their respective new families or how Cara’s brother fared on L’eihr.I have to admit the book was too much focused on Caras an Aelicks love interest and the high school drama evolving with the animosity of the lacrosse team towards Aelick and the new romantic relationship between Cara’s best friend and her ex-boyfriend.

Anyway, in the end the book was entertaining enough and had some sweet moments.