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Life As We Knew It

Life As We Knew It - Susan Beth Pfeffer I don’t think I had high expectations for this book but I was affronted on so many levels at the end of the book and especially after reading a few chapters of the third book in the series.

First of all what would happen if a large asteroid did strike the moon? Could it knock it clear out of its orbit? Objects hit the moon quite frequently, creating new craters on its surface. A meteoroid hitting the moon on May 2, 2006 created a crater about 14 meters wide and three deep. The rock that collided with the moon was only about 10 inches across. It would take another nearly moon-sized object to actually move the moon. If that were to happen, the moon wouldn't survive the impact. It could send chunks of the moon hurtling toward Earth, and potentially jeopardizing life on Earth as a result of disruption to the lunar cycle. Fortunately, no known nearby asteroids come anywhere close to that size. There is a much bigger chance that the Volcano in Yellowstone might erupt because it felt it was time to do so. And as for this scenario it was way more plausible and better told in Ashfall. If a moon sized object would happen to just spontaneously enter our solar system, targeting to hit our moon at the same velocity as its trajectory, but on an opposite direction to knock it out of its orbit, than I sure as hell can’t believe that no astronomer or scientist or some professionals from the NASA or any other aeronautics & space institution couldn’t have predicted it???

I mean this book basically tells you that all scientists are dumb; it tells you several times that the president of the USA is an idiot and it turns religious belief into something perverted. Believers starve themselves to dead while priests gorge themselves on the charitable donations. Basically the pillars of our society: Education, Religion, Government are being rendered obsolete. It rubs me the wrong way. I can understand the need for survival but not one of them tries to even help someone else. They turn down every call for help that comes from somebody outside of family. They don’t look out for neighbors or friends. But isn’t that the means of being humane?

What majorly pissed me off to no end: Not once do they take their survival in their own hands. They basically sit in their warm house and ration their hoarded food. They have a library near them, they could have borrowed books about how to build stuff (e.g. a fucking greenhouse), or how to make medicine; books for survival. Noooo they borrow romance books and keep learning French instead of trying to find food in the nearby woods, or go hunting for animals or trying to trade with other survivors. They meet with 20 other survivors on Christmas to sing on the street and not once do they cross over their neighbors to trade stuff or ask for any news they might have? Is this what we are supposed to learn? That in times of trouble you should keep to yourself, relinquish or erroneous belief in religion or government but accepting every good deed as sheer luck? I simply cannot accept that.
And last but not least, I really hoped at some point that at least one person in this family should have died. But miraculously all survived, even their dad, his new pregnant wife and the cat. In the end this whole book is a manifest to the belief in FAITH. Have faith and thou shall prevail. Matthew 21:22 “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for."

I so want to be like this family: Have a few hundred dollars on my bank account when the world ends to go shopping, hoard my food and not help anyone and keep my faith that the old lady from across the street will conveniently die ASAP so I can have her food and fresh laundered towels. Ha ha …