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Beta - Rachel Cohn I so much enjoyed the story and characters and the world building. This is no run of the mill dystopian young adult romance. This novel actually had more chocolate flavor to it than plain vanilla.

What I liked was the slow development of characters and social interaction in this book. There is no insta love attraction but romance slowly emerges into the novel. I really enjoyed reading the unhurried and vivid description of the island and its inhabitants.

When I think about the romance and love interest in the book, … to me it shows that nothing in this world is perfect and no amount of money or science can make the world perfect. You have the richest of the rich who created a perfect environment, but under the surface people’s heart can still be broken, people can still be unhappy. It is from Elysia’s perspective, a very naïve and “unawakened” perspective we start to see deeper into this perfect world. Lies are better than truth, the rich country club ladies drink heavily alcohol from morning to evening, and the brother abuses his sisters while the parents don’t care to see. Money can’t buy you love, can’t make the dead resurrect or love you again. A clone is not the same person as the one providing to its genes.

I have to state, that this book really was surprisingly different from the mass dystopian YA novels out on the market following the same pattern over and over again.