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UnEarthed - Rebecca Bloomer,  Jodi Moran Since my first epic encounter with Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs almost 25 years back I have been a big fan of Science Fiction Amine (TV) series. Unearthed's premise is not unlike Sabor Rider: The plot is set in the distant future. Humans have spread beyond Earth and colonized planets, creating a New Frontier of man.


As soon as Jodi Scarfield sets foot on the Mars colony I have been intrigued. Unearthed has been a pleasant surprise, bringing back some very beloved childhood memories. This science fiction young adult novel combines a few things very convincingly: Living on a Mars colony and high-flying teens. The main character herself is a hacker and thus far I found the descriptions rather apt as are those on the living conditions on the red planet. The author apparently did some research and it shows without her being to pretentious or scientific about it.
In my mind I could easily visualize the colony and the characters. This world bears some parallels to Æon Flux, too. The whole premise of the book was really cool. But UnEarthed is a fairly quick read, too short for its own good, which is one of the reasons I only gave it 3 stars. The focus is clearly not on character-development or interaction. The novel is too action-oriented and feels after the first half very rushed, when suddenly everything happens at once.

All in all a pleasant read to kill time, better than a lot of other YA books but nothing exceptional or outstanding. At least I have the hope that more books in the YA science fiction genre are on their way.

And now I am off catching up with my childhood infatuation Sabor Rider and Captain Future.