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Remy (Real, Raw & Ripped, #3)

Remy (Real, Raw & Ripped, #3) - Katy Evans Wow, for you Katy Evans especially I added the shelf „gross“.
This book should be called “FUCK” because really the only thing Remy thinks about is FUCK. 24% into the story we have already reached 100 x FUCK. This should reach at least 350-400 mentions of the four-letter word by the end.


Don’t get me wrong, I kind of liked Real. But this is just the same book all over told from Remy’s perspective. That means minus the pseudo-medical plus more of the horny gore type. The whole smelling, petting and licking … Eeewwww ! I mean come on, we are human beings not copulating animals.

And at least a lion can lick his own balls.