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Cracked - Eliza Crewe The dialogue and 1st person narration are absolutely terrific. I seldom encountered a MC wittier, snarkier or more shrewish than Meda.

“When Mom told me I was special and unique, I thought she literally meant I was special and unique. … Turns out I’m only ‘mom-special’. Special like a snowflake is special. Special like a school kid on honor roll.”

You not often encounter a convincing antihero in the young adult department. Meda has in the beginning almost no redeeming qualities. She kills people because she needs their souls to survive, but she isn’t one to cry about the unfairness of it all like Louis de Pointe du Lac in Interview with a Vampire. Even if it was Brad Pitt. This vamp was insufferably whiny.


Meda actually revels in the killing, stages some of her slayings even like a dramatic play, and she absolutely enjoys the powerplay.


As unapologetic as her opinion is about humans (fodder), Meda is not completely without conscience. She knows moral and honor as is apparent when she talks about her human mother. But those terms are at first only almost blank concepts for her. Canvases to be filled with color and meaning in the course of the story. She lies, cheats, steals, and is really a bad girl with a hilarious POV. The part I loved most about Meda was her attitude. She’s witty and intelligent and comments in her unique snarky and sarcastic way on everything that happens and what is being said.

This boy might have the answers; I just have to take them from him. My eyes fill with tears. “Wha-“ I swallow hard “- what were those things?”
“Demons.” Thanks, Einstein. I got that part. “Turns out spiritual warfare is a lot less theoretical than you probably think.”
He hurries to reassure me. “Don’t cry – I’ll protect you.”
Humiliating. Absolutely humiliating.

This book was terrific! I loved so much about it: from the characters to the dialogue and the history of both groups. Thankfully there was no love triangle, regrettably there was almost no romance either, at least for Meda. I can understand that she might be a bit too young, and also it wouldn't have fit the overall story. Meda has to come to terms with herself first. But everything else fit together so well that I was immediately immersed in Meda's world. She is a truly fascinating and multi-layered main character. She's smart, witty, and determined to figure out who and what she really is. This was an hilariously entertaining and fast paced read. I wasn't sure this would work with a main character that eats human souls but it was a unique idea and worked really well. The secondary characters are well written too - especially those of the three Crusaders. They each have a unique personality with flaws and strengths.

If you are looking for a fun read with a sarcastic heroine this is the right book for you.