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Sempre (Forever)

Sempre - J.M. Darhower I really don't get all the 5 star reviews. The book was ok, but:

1. It is twice the size of normal books; I mean this novel has Lord of the Rings proportions in pages but really not in characterization or world building. It was too long and not diversified enough to keep me interested.

2. The whole slavery and Cosa Nostra / modern Cinderalla theme: Apart from historical romances and fantasy, slavery is not really something you can write about easily. And I didn’t quit get it: So the mafia keeps slaves, mostly women for whoring and housekeeping? Cosa Nostra = Slaveholders & Murderers = BAD BAD BAD … But hey there is this really beautiful girl 17 year old, the illegal daughter of one of the mafia leaders, living as a slave. And she can’t even write or read properly and learned everything from television commercials and Jeopardy. A girl being beaten and abused for 17 years and she falls in insta-love with her captor (ok one of the sons of her captor but apparently he is “THE PRICE”, the GODSON to the leader of the Cosa Nostra)? REALLY??? Stockholm syndrome, or capture–bonding much girl? Does one really need 500+ for this? No.

I am sorry to give the book only 2 stars, because really I liked the premise of a modern Cindarella story with a Godfather / Cosa Nostra setting. But the prince was anything but sexy and the slavery topic really didn’t do it for me.