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Broken Worlds

Broken Worlds - Anitha Robinson Sooooo, this will be a short review.

This book is like one of those utterly surreal and bizarre B-Horror movies with a very high ranking at Rotten Tomatoes, but one that you simply have to watch to the end. It has quite an interesting and fast-moving plot, plot-twists that you don’t see coming a mile away and it keeps you persistently interested into the story. At least, it kept me glued to my kindle with a constant what-the-fuck-question-mark on my face. Until it was revealed I really couldn’t decide what to think of Ellis, Fallon and Maragaret. Those three are really weird and they creeped me the hell out.

But would this book be a movie you would have those seriously lousy actors with even worst dialogues that make you laugh out loud in the most inappropriate scenes because they are simply so bad. The romance felt so superimposed like someone took what he felt were appropriate lines out of another young adult book and transferred it here without integrating it into the story. It just didn’t feel right to me. There is also the fact that Kalli our MC is a seventeen year old girl, humourless, somehow obstinate and really without any intersting spark.

The book could improve a lot with editing out the romance part and some of the 101 dialogue but it is at least not boring. Did I like it? I honestly don't know. But because this book majorly messed with my head with its outlandish mojo and kept me engrossed I will give it 3 stars.

With thanks to netgalley for providing me with an ARC of this book.