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Be with Me (Wait for You, #2)

Be with Me (Wait for You, #2) - J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout This is how I expect New Adult to be: Fun, cute, sexy with a touch of first love drama / angst and some serious life problems strewn into the mix as well.

Now, I’ve bitched quite a lot about other New Adult books, but this one’s really nice. Ever been in a cozy French Café and bought yourself rooibos marzipans tee and a banana chocolate crêpe? This book would be the perfect fit to read in this moment. The romance is really cute and the sex scenes were smoking hot and not at all flowery. I liked it that both Jace and Tess aren’t “inhibited” in this area. :)

There are some secondary characters being setup for their very own book. And such a sweet pair, too. Calla, a 21-year old with a prominent scar on her face who has been through a lot in her life and swoon worthy Brandon Shriver, formerly deployed overseas and now a student in the college.

I just can’t write anything more about the story, without spoiling it but trust me, this one is really cute and well written and I just had fun reading.