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Raphael (Vampires in America, #1)

Raphael (Vampires in America, #1) - D.B. Reynolds Raphael … Now this is exactly how you characterize a Vampire Lord

I can’t believe I’ve missed this book until now. If it weren’t for one of my friends’ status updates I would have missed out on one of the best urban fantasy series there is. Seriously, this was fucking amazing and exactly how I want my paranormal romance to be written: Dark, intense, with a vampire lord who doesn’t melt on the spot because he is a whiney human at heart.

His nostrils flared and anger surged unchecked for the first time since Duncan had told him of the abduction. His power spilled out, expanding to fill the echoing hallway and beyond, spreading dread before him in an unseen wave. Vampires fell to their knees, to their faces, to grovel in the wake of his rage. Human servants, hidden behind doors, cried out in fear, their wails drenching the air with terror.

What I loved most about this book apart from Raphael’s character was the setup of the romance, if you can call it that. Because really romantic it is not. There is a lot of intense hunger and desire, but they don’t act on it instantly but when they do, oh my … they have sex in the middle of a fire fight in a warehouse and they literally rip their bloody clothes off. I couldn’t decide if I was amazed or creeped out or turned on.... Damn this book is magnificent. And then there is this unbelievably sweet passage

He gazed down at her, nearly undone by the trust she gave him. “Would it be so terrible, sweet Cyn?” he whispered. “To spend eternity at my side?” But she was too far gone in sleep, and Raphael didn’t know if he wanted to hear her answer anyway.

So why when this was that amazing, why would I give it only 4 stars? Because 80% into the story all this awesomeness went PUFF and our obstinate MC had to go through every cliché there is:

“When are we going after these guys?”
“You’re not,” he said in a flat, hard voice.


“Think again, my lord,” she said flatly. “This is my case and I intend to see it through. It may have escaped your notice, but I’ve got a few grudges against these guys myself.”
“It will be far too dangerous. We won’t be facing clumsy humans this time. If this is Puschkin’s nest, he will be expecting us, expecting me.”
“Yeah, well, news flash, bud. This clumsy human’s coming to the party. And I don’t need your fucking permission. You can take me with you or follow me there, but I’m coming along.”


What a shame the end of this book was, is all I can say.